Volleyball Game Strategy for Paradise

Court Area Names The following shows the position on the court by name. They are also called LF for left forward, MB for middle blocker, RF for right forward and etc, but the numbering system as shown below is much easier for reference. We can also use signal by hand to reference any of these […]

How to avoid blowing up account in penny stock trading

It will be helpful to know the habits of traders, especially short sellers on penny stocks. When there hasn’t been any runners for a while (boring market), short sellers are usually on the edge and hungry to short sell stocks. So if they see an opportunity arising, we can be assured it would be heavily […]

Trading stocks for beginners

There are a lot of strategies to trading securities (including stocks) and if just starting out, it is best to stick to one or two strategy to build the account up. At this point loses cannot afford to be made. Will talk about strategy soon. Concept of making money with trading There are two ways […]

Easy way to export and import Adobe Lightroom Catalog CC

If you are working on multiple computers with different lightroom catalog (I’m using Adobe Lirghtroom CC Classic but it should work on any version of adobe lightroom), you may wish to add work you have done on one computer to another computer. That is to copy all the photos and all the lightroom fixes / […]

Stock Trading Is For Everyone

Many think that stock trading is for the rich only and professionals, but it isn’t! It is for everyone! If you had $20 you can trade and now days, trading can be absolutely free! Lets cut to the chase, (but this article will be updated regularly, this is just the start) there is an app […]

New Iphone to support wireless charging

Iphone Wireless Charging

The new tech age is finally here! Imagine those charging cords that lasts for weeks if not just a few months. According to CNBC news, JP Morgan has stated on Tuesday this week that the next Iphone will implement this feature and they are expected to make millions of dollars on it. It’s not clear […]

Table Tennis rating / score / result calculator

Happens to almost every table tennis , ping pong player alike. Play a great match of table tennis on your local club and won some great matches and you are eager to check the scores, but alas, loggin into your local table tennis club rating / ranking or latest score page only to find it […]

Table Tennis Speed

Fan zhendong

There are many different speeds played by different players in table tennis. Watch these three games and see if you can notice the difference. Occasional Speed at times Zaman Molla vs Zhang Xiang Jing Open Sings Finals Seems medium speed most of time Zhang Jike Vs Xu Xin Extreme Speed majority of the time! Ma […]

How to protect your Facebook account from hackers

Facebook Security

If you value the information (data) stored in your Facebook account, you should take steps to protect it from unauthorized users. Not only would you make it difficult for hackers to take over your account, you will be protecting your Facebook “friends” which some of whom are your families. When your Facebook account is compromised, the hacker […]

Flying taxi to be launched this summer

Flying taxi model

The sci-fi technology that we often see on television is finally here. No longer do we have to be congested in traffic moments away from executing a road rage action. The flying taxi is finally here! At least not until this summer. That is what is planned in Dubai this summer. According to Forbes news, […]

Do It Yourself Valentines Card

Red and white card with writing

It’s always a great idea at minimum to give a valentines card on valentine and nothing beats a home made card! Below is a simple idea to make your own valentines card. Step 1. Find a red and white card and cut out heart shape off the red card like below.   Step 2. Cut […]

Eminem calls Trump a B*** in new song

Eminem No Favors

Stars have been taking swipes at the new president of the United States and rapper Eminem has taken it to another new level when he actually rapped the B word towards president Trump. In latest album, I decided,  by Big Sean a song featuring rapper Eminem called “No Favors”, saw the rapper uttering the lyrics […]

Table Tennis (Ping Pong) timing and number trajectory

Table Tennis Trajectory Numbers

Numbers? What are table tennis numbers? In table tennis, it is important to hit the ball at a certain height. So in order to easily tell someone which height of the ball trajectory to hit the ball at, we number main points of the ball trajectory. The diagram below shows the table tennis numbers of […]

University of the people experience

Before we blindly start recommending good things like the free tuition school University of the People, it would be nice to actually experience the school (due diligence) before telling others about it because it is a commitment of a few years time of someone. I’ve been taking classes mostly for fun and also for due […]

Iphone 6s shutdown issues expanded, check your iphone

Iphone 6s

Has your Iphone 6s been shutting off randomly? It mostly likely it’s your Iphone 6s battery. Recently Apple issued a message on it’s China web website stating that a “small” number of customers Iphone 6s battery component had been exposed a “little” too long in ambient air before they were assembled into batteries were effected. […]

Mathematics shortcuts

Math Clipart

These are list of web pages that help automatically solve equations especially in algebra. Equation Simplifying Calculator Equation Factoring Calculator Completing the Square Calculator Equation Calculator and Solver Algebra Lessions

Trump rushed off stage by security in mid-speech

Donald Trump

RENO,  California. While in the middle of his speech, Donald Trumped was rushed off stage by security officials but later returned to the stage after a few minutes. There was some kind of disturbance in the front of the room and security officers erected a barricade and apprehended a man. Trump then continued his speech […]

How to stop phone calls while keeping data and imessage

Ever have to DJ on your phone (or having to resort to phone dj as backup as something has temporarily gone bad with your current live DJ setup) and calls keep coming in? Imagine your listeners delight as your ring tone performs a “cut” mix onto the live music! 😉 (I bet tips will be […]

Iphone 7 has no ear phone jack & solution

AirPods Wireless

If you are like many and thinking of getting an IPhone 7, just be warned, there is no ear phone jack on it any longer. This port has been removed completely. But don’t despair! Apple has considered that many still have the old fashioned ear phone jack which they most likely would still like to […]

Automating Mixed In Key and Platinum Notes

Mixed in Key 7 Screen shot

If you are anything like me, I think repetitive tasks should to be automated. Like why would we have to click the same sequence 105 times if we can just tell the computer to do it all by itself. Isn’t this one of the computer’s trait is to automate things? Well not always. I DJ regularly […]

How to play Pokémon go?

Pokemon creature about to be captured. Pidgey.

Everything has a new beginning  and so does the game Pokémon go if you haven’t played it before. Basically the game is about catching creatures on your Iphone or android phone. You have to go out into the real world and the GPS of the phone system tracks where you are on the real world […]

Fiji breaks history and internet after Olympic rugby 7s gold win

Productivity at its best for the Fiji team when hard work finally paid off not only for the Fiji team themselves at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, but for the Fiji nation as the keyword “Fiji” became the #1 trending search result on google in the world. Fiji is the #1 trending search in the […]

Data Warehouse Quick Guide and usage in tableau

Tableau Connection Microsoft SQL screen shot

Introduction This article is intended to bring a user up to speed on steps and usage of tools from importing data from a data source to the data warehouse and then to tableau environment. It assumes that data warehouse server and tableau server has already been setup and users in each environment has been setup appropriately. […]

How to extend Apple TV movie rentals beyond 24 hours

Apple TV movie rental image

Rented a movie on Apple TV and Running out of time? As you know Apple TV movie rental are for 24 hours only. Or some other family member want to watch the movie and only 30 minutes or less left? Don’t worry! There is a way to extend the Apple TV movie rental beyond 24 […]

Water, stain proof clothing powered by Filium technology

Imaging re-wearing your t-shirt for a few weeks without a need to wash it? Probably shouldn’t wear the same color t-shirt everyday but you can own a few colors.  Existing now is a technology that can make clothing resistant to water and stains which leaves clothes smelling fresh after weeks of usage. The technology is […]

UoPeople email access

Picture of UoPeople Email Access on portal.office.com

If you were sent an email from UoPeople about having your very own school email address and the instruction sent via email does not contain how to actually get to access your email address than do not despair! We have a clue! And it’s a productive one! To access your newly created University of the […]

Finding opponent in Fifa 16

Getting tired of trying to find an opponent in Fifa 16 and the likes? If you are connected to a router it is very likely it is your router! It needs to be configured. Although the FIFA game loads, logs in successfully to the EA Sports server, it does not mean a successful opponent will be […]

Masala Deep Fried Shrimps Recipe

The following is recipe  for Fiji style deep fried masala shrimps. Ingredients Shrimps – 1lbs Masala Hardi Garlic Salt Oil Flour Mix flour, masala, hardi, garlic, salt in a little bit of warm water to make barter for shrimps. Add shrimps and mix well.   Heat up some oil in frying pan and let it be […]

The Hidden Power of Water

The reason I say hidden is because it is so simple, so in plain site that many do not consider it to be anything worthy of anything. I’m talking about water. The earth is made up by 2/3 of water. Our body is made up mostly of water as well. Water is a vital ingredient […]

The Secret Of Cooking

If you know how to make stir fry you can cook! In my view cooking is easy. Just make sure the meat is nicely cooked to your satisfaction and the rest of the ingredients are just for taste! I recommend the salt be added last. Add all other kind of spices first. Then when ready […]

How To Become A Dj – A quick overview

These are some steps that will and should make someone a DJ. It is high level and meant to point in the right direction. The prospective DJ will then research further into the different areas mentioned. But at least this is a path that one could follow. The music Build yourself a good music collection […]

Mobile DJ Player and Song Curation Tool

For DJ’s and music lovers alike, there is a new tool or app in town. It’s called Pyro (currently only for the Iphone) and is made by Serato who is one  of the leading DJ software company around (The other two software are Virtual DJ and Tractor). The app allows quick selection of songs present […]

Steps to move data from database to data warehouse database

Databases connected together

These are very high level overview of how to move data from a traditional database or transactional database to a data warehouse database. It provides vital clues to get you started on a productive road to success! Steps to move data from a transactional database to a data warehouse type of database. The general steps […]

Troubleshooting internet connection using trace route

Having high speed internet does not mean a website will load quickly on the browser. But you can gain a clue or two by doing a bit of digging. 😛 Sometimes websites that usually load faster appear to be loading very slowly – even on a broadband connection. The internet has many path connected together […]

Must Have WordPress Plugins

Whenever you setup your wordpress website, there are certain plugins that are a must have to have installed on your wordpress site. One such plugin in the jetpack plugin by wordpress. This plugin is fully loaded with settings like making your wordpress website automatically optimized for rendered for smartphones. By simply installing the plugin your wordpress […]

Intermittent Fasting

One of the not so well known way of staying healthy and as a side bonus, losing weight is intermittent fasting. This is the act of not eating for a certain number of hours. For example, skip breakfast and have a late lunch say at 1pm and than dinner at 8pm. Then on next day, […]