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Iphone 6s shutdown issues expanded, check your iphone

Has your Iphone 6s been shutting off randomly? It mostly likely it’s your Iphone 6s battery. Recently Apple issued a message on it’s China web website stating that a “small” number of customers Iphone 6s battery component had been exposed a “little” too long in ambient air before they were assembled into batteries were effected.

Iphone 6sHowever Apple has issued another message today stating they are expanding from the “small” number of effected users.

“A small number of customers outside of the affected range have also reported an unexpected shutdown. Some of these shutdowns can occur under normal conditions in order for the iPhone to protect its electronics. In an effort to gather more information, we are including additional diagnostic capability in an iOS software update which will be available next week. This will allow us to gather information over the coming weeks which may potentially help us improve the algorithms used to manage battery performance and shutdown. If such improvements can be made, they will be delivered in future software updates.”

Apple has then prepared a repair program for effected users which allows users to enter their Iphone 6s serial number to see if they qualify for the program.

So if your Iphone 6s is shutting down all by itself, log on to Apples page “iPhone 6s Program for Unexpected Shutdown Issues” and ensure to use their repair service to fix your phone.

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