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  • Recognizing patterns and predicting future movements

    Recognizing patterns and predicting future movements

    Pattern: Low float big gainer premarket reclaiming high after market opens This pattern is important because it proves itself over and over again.  Low float and big gainer with news goes up pre market, creates a deep and then goes back up around after market open sometimes around 9:45 (15 min after market open) either […]

  • Day Trading Patterns

    Pre market breakout long pattern strategy for penny stocks Preferred stock price range $1 – $10 Pre-market volume over 100k Stock on first green day Ideal criteria should be between 20 – 50 % gain The lower the float the better chance of a breakout Check stock history, the best case scenario is when it […]

  • Trading stocks for beginners

    Trading stocks for beginners

    There are a lot of strategies to trading securities (including stocks) and if just starting out, it is best to stick to one or two strategy to build the account up. At this point loses cannot afford to be made. Will talk about strategy soon. Concept of making money with trading There are two ways […]

  • Stock Trading Is For Everyone

    Stock Trading Is For Everyone

    Many think that stock trading is for the rich only and professionals, but it isn’t! It is for everyone! If you had $20 you can trade and now days, trading can be absolutely free! Lets cut to the chase, (but this article will be updated regularly, this is just the start) there is an app […]