Automating Mixed In Key and Platinum Notes

Mixed in Key 7 Screen shot

If you are anything like me, I think repetitive tasks should to be automated. Like why would we have to click the same sequence 105 times if we can just tell the computer to do it all by itself. Isn’t this one of the computer’s trait is to automate things? Well not always. I DJ regularly […]

How To Become A Dj – A quick overview

These are some steps that will and should make someone a DJ. It is high level and meant to point in the right direction. The prospective DJ will then research further into the different areas mentioned. But at least this is a path that one could follow. The music Build yourself a good music collection […]

Mobile DJ Player and Song Curation Tool

For DJ’s and music lovers alike, there is a new tool or app in town. It’s called Pyro (currently only for the Iphone) and is made by Serato who is one  of the leading DJ software company around (The other two software are Virtual DJ and Tractor). The app allows quick selection of songs present […]