How to stop phone calls while keeping data and imessage

Ever have to DJ on your phone (or having to resort to phone dj as backup as something has temporarily gone bad with your current live DJ setup) and calls keep coming in? Imagine your listeners delight as your ring tone performs a “cut” mix onto the live music! 😉 (I bet tips will be very forthcoming). All jokes aside this is one of those moments where you wan’t complete silence on your phone even when the phone is on vibrate mode. The vibrate mode will still allow calls to come through and hence cut out your live DJ performance. Turning on airplane mode will also turn off your data accessibility so that also may not be good if you are also streaming music live. Actually this post is about being able to use data on the phone while not allowing calls to come through.

picure to Dial *#67# to find voicemail number
Dial *#67# to find voicemail number

Fortunately there is a very simple fix. 🙂 All you need to do is turn on call forwarding on your phone. Either find your regular voice mail number and have it set as the destination to your phones call forwarding or enter an invalid  or non existent number on it. The benefit of entering your own voicemail number is for the obvious reason of the caller able to leave a voicemail.

To find your own voicemail number on the Iphone, dial *#67#. Then to enter the call forwarding number, go to Settings > Phone > Call Forwarding and enter the number of your choice. You will see the call forwarding icon appearing on top of the phone to indicate that call forwarding is turned on in case you are wondering after the gig that nobody has bothered to phone you yet to congratulate you on such a wonderful event you have just undertaken. 🙂 But not to worry, just ensure to remember to turn off call forwarding after the DJ event. 🙂

What other methods do you have other than this solutions?

For other phones like Androids, and so on, I imagine the same concept may work. I only have an Iphone so I can’t test it so feel free to confirm if it works also on other non Iphone.

Now you can Dj with complete confidence and no more special “cuts”!

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