3 parents DNA

First Baby Born With Three Parents DNA

3 parents DNA There is a first for many things and one such occurrence has occurred to a baby who was born with DNA from three parents. This wasn’t because scientist decided one day to just go head with the procedure but this was due to the mother having Leigh syndrome, which is a rare genetic disorder effecting the nervous system.

The parents sought the help of New Hope Fertility Center in New York who performed a ‘spindle nuclear transfer’ where nucleus from one of the mothers egg is removed and inserted into a donors egg which already had it’s nucleus removed. The resulting egg is finally fertilized with the father’s sperm and an embryo is implanted into the mother. A baby boy was born nine months later.

According to the new scientist report, the baby is healthy and now 5 months old. The doctors will continue to monitor the baby’s health to ensure the level of Leigh syndrome remains low. As of current, only 1% of the mutation is found in structures of his cell and according to the new scientist, 18% of mutation needs to occur for issues begin.

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