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Iphone 7 has no ear phone jack & solution

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If you are like many and thinking of getting an IPhone 7, just be warned, there is no ear phone jack on it any longer. This port has been removed completely. But don’t despair! Apple has considered that many still have the old fashioned ear phone jack which they most likely would still like to use until they are no longer functional or eventually misplaced or eaten by friendly dogs. 😛

The Iphone 7 ships with an adapter. The lightening to 3.5mm ear phone jack. So you could still use your old ear phone without any issue. Just don’t forget the adapter. Of course you cannot listen to music using this adapter if you are charging your phone. So plan in advance.

But of course Apple has a solution to the not listening while charging problem. They have released a new product called Air Pods. It’s basically a wireless head phones in a nutshell. But this head phone is special. It contains a chip. A computer processing chip to be clear. It controls the quality of audio that reaches the head phone and a few other features like controlling the battery life. Apple said it will last a whole 5 hours before it needs charging. Best to check the Apple  website for for full specification.

AirPods Wireless
AirPods Wireless

But if you are not a fan or charging yet another device like the ear pods, the iPhone 7 does come with EarPods with lightening connector cable. So no need to worry about running out of power using the air pods.

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