Stock Trading Is For Everyone

Many think that stock trading is for the rich only and professionals, but it isn’t! It is for everyone! If you had $20 you can trade and now days, trading can be absolutely free!

Lets cut to the chase, (but this article will be updated regularly, this is just the start) there is an app called Robin Hood, which anybody can use it trade for free. I have been using this app for a while and it is a great APP! Download this app using this link and you and I also get free stocks! But you don’t have to use the link. Just get the app, sign up and deposit any amount of money and start trading.

Basics of trading.

There are several ways to trade. One of them is to short sell which is picking a good stock, usually that is trending high, buy it, wait a few days, and then sell it when the price goes higher. And repeat on any number of stock. Although this process seems simple, there are more to how to pick stocks.

The basics are, choosing companies that will not go broke very soon, because if they do, all money is most likely be lost. So choosing a mature company is important. Companies more than 10 billion in Capitalization are the mature ones and will not go broke overnight, so in the beginning start with this companies. For example, Apple Inc, Google, Amazon, and so forth.

Learning Resources.

Trading requires learning a lot of things so here is a list of resources to start with.

  1. – is a great place to research stocks
  2. – this is a great place to start learning stocks in the form of a game. Sign up for free virtual money and make some trades. It will teach fundamental of stock trading.

This is just the start. This article will be regularly updated so stay tuned!

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