Pokemon creature about to be captured. Pidgey.

How to play Pokémon go?

Pokemon creature about to be captured. Pidgey.
Pokemon creature about to be captured. Pidgey.

Everything has a new beginning  and so does the game Pokémon go if you haven’t played it before. Basically the game is about catching creatures on your Iphone or android phone. You have to go out into the real world and the GPS of the phone system tracks where you are on the real world map. It will also alert you to nearby creatures, which are called Pokémon’s.

When the game first launches and after you have setup your character, etc, you are ready to go out and play. Once you walk, your avatar moves along with you live on the map! As you walk, blue objects show up on the screen. These are called pokestops. These objects are mapped to real life things, like monuments, parks, art installation or anything notable in your area. Tap on it and it open up and then slide across the spinner to give you supplies. You have to be right close to the pokestop in order for it to work.

So once you are on the roll down the street, creatures will randomly show up on your screen. Tap on the creature, and then flick the ball up to throw it at the creature. You may have to flip the ball again in order to land on the creature. Once it does, the creature will be captured. And voila, congratulations! You have enslaved a pokemon whom will serve you to battle other pokemons.

Pokemon caught - New Pokemon
Pokemon caught – New Pokemon

While looking around on the pokemon game screen map, you will see tall icons. These are called pokemon gyms which you can go to to battle other pokemons. But you need to be level 5 first to qualify. So keep collecting pokemons to level up.

There are a lot more to the game but that’s for a future article. For now, you have a basic understanding of how to play pokemon go.

Now go out there and discover the world! But careful, watch where you go, don’t go alone into the park at night, etc. Go in groups.

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