The Secret Of Cooking

Crab curry soup
Crab curry soup. 🙂

If you know how to make stir fry you can cook!

In my view cooking is easy. Just make sure the meat is nicely cooked to your satisfaction and the rest of the ingredients are just for taste! I recommend the salt be added last. Add all other kind of spices first. Then when ready add the salt. Taste before adding salt!

So look in your fridge and make a meal out of anything you see. Recipes just brands food into different kind. In my book, each meal made is slightly different than the last! But you get the idea.

Cook and experiment away! Especially with soup. Soup is easy make as well The base can be some sort of meat. Cook in water until it is well boiled, than start adding spices. Try to add the veggies at the very last minute. You don’t want to burn the veggies. They are best eaten when green. 🙂


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