The Hidden Power of Water

Been on Sunflower Pollen
Been on Sunflower Pollen

The reason I say hidden is because it is so simple, so in plain site that many do not consider it to be anything worthy of anything. I’m talking about water. The earth is made up by 2/3 of water. Our body is made up mostly of water as well. Water is a vital ingredient in our body. It keeps our system functioning optimally.

There are many benefits but for this article I will talk about just one useful use. That is for the seasonal allergies. The one that is caused by pollens. This small microscopic grain produced from plants to reproduce and are hitch hiking mainly by wind to reach their destination. Well many never reach their destination and instead enter the human system. Does itchy throat and itchy eyes sound familiar?

By simply drinking water, it helps flush the pollen off our system. Mainly as they stick to our throats. Take a gulp  of water, and try to swallow it down a little harder than usual to help flush your system. Repeat two or three times and you should be good with your itchy throat. And as for eyes, simply rinse your eyes with water. If you had been outside for a while, best change your clothes and take a shower if at home. If at work returning from lunch therefore you had been outside, wet your hands and lightly brush you hair and clothes to have pollens stick to your hands than rinse your hand. Rinse eyes, drink water and presto you should be feeling better!

I do this routine myself so I can vouch for it.  Try it yourself. It surely does not hurt. The clue is water. 🙂


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