Water, stain proof clothing powered by Filium technology

water-filium-activated-fabricImaging re-wearing your t-shirt for a few weeks without a need to wash it? Probably shouldn’t wear the same color t-shirt everyday but you can own a few colors.  Existing now is a technology that can make clothing resistant to water and stains which leaves clothes smelling fresh after weeks of usage.

The technology is called Fillium. Filium technology makes natural fabrics repel liquids, stains and odors.

According to Filium.com website, Filium makes ordinary fabrics extraordinary.  Fabrics like cotton, silk, linen can easily shrug off water and stains and leaves the fabrics smelling fresh for weeks. The technology is Nano free which makes the Filium technology eco-friendly therefore safe for the planet. There are no harmful chemical used that can break down and leach into the skin or to the environment.

So as a result of this technology the clothing that are “Filium activated” makes it odor free. Sweat does not make clothing stink but bacteria does. So if sweat isn’t absorbed by the Filium activated clothing, sweat is evaporated through the breathable fabric and leaves the clothing odor free. Imagine if wine, coffee or melting ice cream gets spilled onto your shirt. No more stains would be the answer.

Although dunking a Filium-activated shirt into water still makes it wet, it dries up faster as the Filium activated fabric repels water leaving the clothes drying up 40% faster. And this is still how Filium-activated fabric is cleaned. It is washed with water. Although it is unclear at this time if detergent could be used.


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