Picture of UoPeople Email Access on portal.office.com

UoPeople email access

If you were sent an email from UoPeople about having your very own school email address and the instruction sent via email does not contain how to actually get to access your email address than do not despair! We have a clue! And it’s a productive one!

To access your newly created University of the People email address, simply go to the Microsoft website address https://outlook.office.com.

As of this writing, June 2016, University of the People will send you notification that your very own UoPeople email address is ready. A temporary password will be sent along with the email. However you will be directed to log into https://portal.office.com so you can download office software free of charge for your use, valid for a year. This is great news! (But how do we actually use the UoPeople email address? 😉 )The UoPeople email account can also be accessed  on the above link, but we need to just dig around a bit further. To get to it, you must click on the gear Icon and then select mail on the drop down link like the screen shot below.

Picture of UoPeople Email Access on portal.office.com
UoPeople Email Access on portal.office.com

Once you click “Mail” you will be directed to an actual place where you can send and receive mail! What a wonderful concept! 🙂

Hope this helps everyone who may be confused on how to access their email account at UoP.

Also the following could be obtained for free when owning an UoPeople email address.

  • OneDrive; a tool that allows you to store and access your files on any device, with one terabyte of online storing space
  • Microsoft Word Online; enables you to collaborate on documents
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Online; enables you to collaborate on presentations
  • Microsoft Excel online; enables you to collaborate on spreadsheets
  • Calendar; allows you to track your events on any device
  • People; allows you to access all your contacts conveniently in one place
  • Sway; enables you to create and share interactive reports and presentations
  • Video; enables you to upload, share and play videos

When first signing up to UoPeople, after 2 months of so, they will eventually send you your email account, so just be patient. I was told they do it in batches. They probably have to hand enter each and everyones email address to create an account.

You may log into the UoPeople Portal on https://your.uopeople.edu/


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