Troubleshooting internet connection using trace route

Having high speed internet does not mean a website will load quickly on the browser. But you can gain a clue or two by doing a bit of digging. 😛 Sometimes websites that usually load faster appear to be loading very slowly – even on a broadband connection.

The internet has many path connected together and sometimes there is a break in the path that cause web traffic to be rerouted to another path that maybe longer and inefficient than the usual path. Thankfully the internet is designed this way with many path, else if it was connected with just one route only, than if one path breaks, there will be no internet for some!

To find out the path to a website use the tracert command for windows or traceroute command for mac.

Open up a command prompt on windows and type in tracert (start run > cmd > enter)  The screen will show the different servers that has to be contacted before it reaches the final destination. The time it takes to reach each server is also shown.

For the mac, use the command traceroute on a terminal window.


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