Mobile DJ Player and Song Curation Tool

For DJ’s and music lovers alike, there is a new tool or app in town. It’s called Pyro (currently only for the Iphone) and is made by Serato who is one  of the leading DJ software company around (The other two software are Virtual DJ and Tractor). The app allows quick selection of songs present already on your phone and from Spotify.  And most of all its FREE! Picture of Serato Pyro Music Player

The one main feature about this app is that once songs are selected, it will smoothly automatically mix the songs as they play! Almost as if a real human DJ is mixing the songs. The songs will be loaded in order as arranged by your playlist or as added to the list. However there is a “Mix Up” button that allows the songs to be automatically re-arranged so they mix well.

For a DJ this is a great tool to listen to many song playlist for song curation. Newly added is a “Love” button (shape of heart), that will save the song in a list on Spotify. Great feature to mark a potential song that will soon make it to the DJ playlist.

Serato Pyro Music PlayerFor having a house party, this simply is a great music player. Connect the phone to a bigger speaker via wired or bluetooth and rock the house away! What is also great is the ability for the app to find relevant songs. It will suggest songs to be added to the list and when the list is empty, it will auto play relevant song aways. So there is no need to worry of running out of songs on the playlist! Just ensure the phone does not run out of battery.


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