Who is Ninja Kiwi? Get to know the video game developer

Ninja Kiwi is a video game developer and publisher based in New Zealand. The company was founded in 2006, and is known for creating a variety of popular mobile, browser, and downloadable games.

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One of Ninja Kiwi’s most well-known games is Bloons TD, a series of tower defense games that are played on mobile devices and computers. The first game in the series, Bloons TD, was released in 2007, and has since spawned several sequels and spin-offs. The games are known for their colorful graphics, addictive gameplay, and challenging levels.

In addition to the Bloons TD series, Ninja Kiwi has also developed and published a number of other successful games. These include the action-adventure game SAS: Zombie Assault, the puzzle game Boombot, and the strategy game Bloons Super Monkey.

Aside from developing and publishing its own games, Ninja Kiwi also provides game development services to other companies. This includes developing custom games for clients, as well as providing support and consulting services for game development projects.

In addition to its work in the video game industry, Ninja Kiwi also operates a game development blog, where the company shares tips, tricks, and advice for game developers. The blog is a valuable resource for aspiring game developers, and provides insights into the game development process.

Overall, Ninja Kiwi is a well-respected and successful video game developer and publisher. The company has created a number of popular games, and is known for its expertise in game development. With its continued focus on creating high-quality games and providing valuable services to its clients, Ninja Kiwi is poised to continue its success in the video game industry.

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