Stock Scans Criteria and Purpose

These are some criteria to be used when scanning for certain type of stock plays.

52 Weeks High – For Swing Trade

  • Previous Day Volume 1 million
  • Price above $1
  • Last price Less than equal 52 week high by 2% or less – this means price hovering just low of the 52 week high as it is on everyones radar.
  • Turn on news column on stocks to trade and see how many news items it has. The more the better.

VWAP Hold Scan – For Day Trade 

  • This is a momentum stock scan.
  • A day trade scan for the most part.
  • $1 – 20
  • + 1 Million Volume
  • Up more than 10%
  • After 10am Eastern Time or mostly afternoon scans for secondary leg
  • Its for stocks that spike, have a pull back and spike again which is usually in the afternoon
  • Above or below VWAP by 2%
  • Still make sure it has a catalyst
  • Note: Morning is choppy try to avoid it

Volume Boost Scan – For both day and swing trade

  • Want to trade stocks with unusual volume as it bring unusual price action
  • Ignore the thousands that are just average and below
  • Volume today is 10% or higher than 60 day average volume
  • Price up 5% on the day
  • The lower the stocks the more volume we ideally need
  • $1 – $12 – as other stocks don’t usually double or multiply per day
  • Can run all day
  • Still have to do due diligence, like check news, float, etc

5 Day gainer scan – For short bias trade

  • Stocks that have been up 5 (green) consecutive days in a day
  • Maybe tweak for lesser days
  • Be on the look out for the first red day, then short the first red day and use the previous high as stop

Pre-Market Scan – For seeing what is happening in pre-market

  • Up 10%
  • Volume > 50,000
  • > $1
  • Some higher priced stocks when running, some lower priced stocks run as well like they were correlated

After Hours Gainer Scan

  • After Hours % change > 10
  • Volume > 1 million
  • But can change the volume
  • If new, try avoid trading after hours as its very volatile
  • Still need to know what is happening after hours for preparation

High Priced Gainer Scan – For mainly earnings scans

  • Last Price > 20
  • Volume > 500 000
  • > 5 % change
  • Can use it during earning seasons

Low Float News Scan – Run all the time, daily

  • has more info on float if need more info. Podcast etc
  • < 10 million Float
  • Last > $1
  • % change > 5
  • Volume > 50 000
  • Add news column (tweak result)

Red to Green Scan

  • Above the previous days high
  • Looking for big gainers we may have missed
  • Used for prepare the day before
  • Last > or equal to Previous Day close
  • Then add to filter it to own watchlist

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