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Kris Jenner Reigns Supreme as Cultural Icon with ‘Momager’ Trademark

Online search trends have spiked in recent days bringing back into focus one of America’s known cultural icons, Kris Jenner. People searching her name indeed have their reasons. Kris recently announced the successful trademarking of the term ‘Momager,’ a word that symbolically captures her many roles as a mother and manager of her globally acclaimed celebrity children. This milestone is noteworthy, adding another layer to Kris Jenner’s larger-than-life persona by showcasing her business acumen and strategic branding expertise.

The Age of ‘Momager’

In a move that underscores her knack for branding, Kris Jenner has claimed intellectual rights to the term ‘Momager.’ This term, a blend of ‘mother’ and ‘manager,’ perfectly describes Kris’s prominent role within her superstar family, the Kardashians. Since the premiere of their hit reality show, ‘Keeping Up with The Kardashians,’ Kris has been the matriarch and manager, a role that she has successfully spun into a personal brand.

This popular catchphrase has frequently been associated with Kris as it concisely articulates her multifaceted role in the family. Consequently, the recent trademark registration has garnered significant public interest, keying her name into search engines Worldwide.

Setting Trending Standards

Kris Jenner remains a figure of admiration and intrigue for many. Her strategic decision to trademark ‘Momager’ adds to her impressive reputation as an innovative, forward-thinking businesswoman. The move has been received with applause, acting as an inspiration to other entrepreneurial moms and sparking online searches across the globe.

The Impact on Kris Jenner’s Brand

Trademarking ‘Momager’ does not only solidify Kris’s identity as both a mother and manager but also opens up significant potential for merchandise. This could range from apparel to lifestyle products and beyond, presenting an array of exciting opportunities for the Jenner brand.

The trending interest in Kris Jenner’s ‘Momager’ trademark is just one instance demonstrating the power she wields in popular culture. Whether through reality television, family management, or strategic branding efforts, Kris Jenner is indeed a significant force in the world, capturing attention everywhere she goes.


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