C# Important Concepts and Definitions

Learning a programming language is fun, but it can also be overwhelming as there are a lot of things and concepts to learn. Here are some notes for the programming language c#.

  1. Virtual Keyword – This allows a method to be overridden in sub classes.
  2. Abstract Class – This class serves as a base class where it’s purpose is to be inherited on sub classes.
  3. Var keyword is implicit variable declaration which means variable type will be determined by the program depending on the type of value it has been assigned to. For example var MyVariable = “sprint” will make the MyVariable become a string variable.
  4. StringBuilder class is a great class for elegantly build strings together.
  5. Enum is a way to assign variables as numbers like enum weekdays { Monday, Tuesdays, etc} To use it use weekdays.Monday
  6. REPL – Read, Eval, Print, Loop is an interactive top level language shell for testing pieces of code.
  7. Array can hold only one type in C#.
  8. The Continue keyword will cause the loop to loop again immediately. Versus the break keyword which breaks out of the loop.
  9. To make class available to powershell, create project of type Class Library (.net Framework)
  10. class variable only accessible to non static methods
  11. Poster for .net framework 4 http://www.cheat-sheets.org/saved-copy/NETFX4-Poster.pdf
  12. Interface – a property of OOP that requires a class to implement certain properties and  methods

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