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Time ProductivityAre you the type of person whom hate wasting time? Like you would rather do what you love than doing something completely out of your interest. Here are a few tips on how to benefit from weaving what you love to do into your daily life.

So the trick lies in identifying what you love doing and see how you can integrate it into your routine life. For example, I have a few hobbies. I like playing table tennis, shooting pool, photography, photoshop, DJing, remixing music, learning piano, playing Fifa soccer on Xbox one to name a few. If I were to do something other than the above I will most certainly feel less reluctant. Of course we can’t just live life by only pursuing our hobbies strictly. We have to go to work too! But if you enjoy work, than that’s another item out of your way.

So given the above hobbies, if there is a birthday event I’m invited to, I could take my camera of see if they need a DJ. If they pay me that is brilliant! But since they are hobbies anyways I could thoroughly enjoy the event if I were to shoot some photos or DJ at the event.

Recently my friends had been cycling and had mentioned we should all cycle together. I know in table tennis one needs to have strong leg muscle in order to improve the footwork game during play.  So I thought it would be a great idea to go cycling with the group so that I can develop great leg muscle which will in turn help me in the table tennis! The same as doing free gigs above like photography for families or DJ. Eventually word will get around to what you do and will get hired even more!

Another example is when I’m playing Fifa on xbox one, while waiting for the game to load or to find an opponent, I place my learning piano right next to the TV so during those waiting times, I will hit some keys on the piano to practice. So this technic allows us to make good use of time. The other technic here is placing things in an accessible way so that they are within reach so we can use them immediate whenever applicable. I used to place my DJ controller right next to my computer so that while I needed a quick break from the computer, I could practice a few DJ routine on the controller.

Also while I drive home in my car, I would load a new playlist that I have just bought from Itunes so I can evaluate the music in it and tag the good ones to keep and throw away the bad ones. Or if I get tired of listening to music, I would listen to a talk from for an inspiring talk. Or listen to a tutorial from

So by weaving our hobbies into our regular life, we would find living our life most enjoyable. Versus waiting for a certain time to perform our hobbies. That time may not show up readily.


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